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My creative practice is motivated by my desire to create objects through my personal relationships with materials and a need for constant learning and expanding of knowledge. The tactile and sensory language that materials offer influence the direction in which I progress my practice. My hands-on Approach gives me a direct relationship with the materials and objects I create, allowing me to be attracted to, present and involved with the chosen materials. 

I have developed my own palette of making processes colour preferences, material selections and display methods in order to achieve my creative vision. The development and application of this making palette is integral to my practice and by understanding both material processes I am able to adapt, subvert and manipulate them to adhere to my design choices. 

Through my creative progression, I have noticed that my practice is entered around three main themes: The creation, progression and manipulation of material, understanding through making and the collection of materials and found objects. 

By using non-precious materials, I am able to be careless during the creation of my work. The new-ness of a material can often hinder my creative process and this is something in which I am trying to overcome through the development of my most recent project.